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Top soil delivery area

Dirt Guy topsoil is available for delivery to any location in the state of Connecticut. The primary service area is listed below and we have mapped the primary topsoil delivery zones for you. If you are not in the towns listed below, please feel free to contact us and we can facilitate this for you and give you a price based on distance and amount requested.


Loam is often used in the same context as topsoil but the technical definition of loam refers to a specific texture. This texture is the result of the combined amounts of sand, silt and clay that makes up most soils. The name does not imply any nutrient content or organic material being in it. We only bring this up in that the material we sell is often referred to as loam and it does have organic content. Stop by to get a sample or purchase our high-quality loam or topsoil for sale.

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Any questions at all Call The Dirt Guy at 860-303-0500

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