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Natural Mulch

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Here are some more detailed pictures of our eco-mulch. We sell mulch in bulk so you save in packaging and handling. You may see a savings of over 25 percent in comparision to buying the same product packaged in bags. When mulching larger landscaped areas, you also avoid the disposal of a lot of plastic bags. This mulch is made up of native hardwoods and softwoods that come from local landscape and land-clearing operations in the area. It is a recycled by-product to be used instead of going to a landfill or being burned which is no longer allowed. It is not from ground pallets and has no coloring added.

This recycled mulch does not have any contaminants in it, like nails from dried out pallets, that tend to shatter since. It is screened at 2 inches for a consistent texture. The close-up below shows the texture of this mulch.

IMG 5146 eco mulch shovel s

Our eco-mulch provides an outstanding, long-term look, though it will fade over time. This mulch is a good choice if you're looking for something unique. It lasts a long time compared to finely-shredded hardwood mulches and it will stay in place on slopes better than chips. If you'd like us to dump your mulch on concrete, we recommend that you cover it with a tarp prior to your delivery since small pieces of eco-mulch will stick for a while.

We sell our mulch in bulk and find it is easy to work with because it will stay loose and workable right as it is dumped in your yard. It is not in bags on pallets stacked high that get compressed. Our  mulch is sold by the cubic yard (3 ft x3 ft x3 ft) quantities. For more information related to the exact quantity in a cubic yard, please see our calculator.

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