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Buying lawn and garden compost

worm in hand compost small Compost with a worm in itWe sell bulk compost that is made up of yard waste, specifically leaves and grass clippings, that are well composted and screened. This compost is a great soil supplement for any soil that needs to be improved to grow things. Compost is used on the lawn to grow better grass, around the landscape plants and in gardens for better vegetables and flowers.

Welcome to Dirt Guy’s world of high-quality compost. At the heart of every thriving garden lies nutrient-rich soil, teeming with life and providing a foundation for vibrant, healthy plants. Our compost is a premium blend of composted organic matter, grass, and woody amendments. It is a sustainable and safe choice for enhancing the quality of your plants and landscapes.

Why is compost so good for plant growth?

The best answer starts with an analogy that compost is almost the exact opposite of sand. Take a minute and picture in your mind a beach: plenty of sand, hot, dry, sun beats down, no organic material, water drains right out of the sand and no plants or very low plants struggling to survive. You walk on it and it is firm. Sand has structure to it.

In comparison, compost is rich dark brown or black, holds a large amount of water, has all sorts of microorganisms, worms and plants growing in it; all the nutrients for plant growth. It is squishy to walk on when wet and has little weight-bearing capacity to it. Lawn and garden compost is a valuable organic soil amendment that provides essential nutrients and improves soil structure. So, in many ways compost is the perfect soil additive for plant growth and water retention.

Benefits of using compost screening compost small

One of the key benefits of our compost is its rich nutrient profile. Our compost blend is formulated to provide plants with essential nutrients without competing for them. A high wood content would lock up the nitrogen content in breaking down the wood fibers, so it is not available to the plants’ roots. The mix contains no undesirable constituents, such as weed seeds, pesticides or herbicides, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your plants to flourish.

The qualities of good compost

When buying compost for your landscaping and gardening needs, there are some things you should look for in the compost you are buying. The compost should be ready or finished. No sold before the plant material is broken down.

  • (1)Maturity: Mature compost should be dark, crumbly, and have an earthy aroma.
  • (2)Texture: Quality compost should have a consistent texture without large chunks or clumps.
  • (3)Pest and Disease-Free: Ensure the compost has been properly composted to eliminate harmful pathogens and weed seeds. The heat generated in the composting does this.
Compost is Water Smart and Eco Friendly.

The well-balanced texture of our compost allows for excellent water retention, reducing the need for frequent irrigation and helping with water conservation. Naturally, there is a need for water in a drought, but less water lasts longer because of its quick absorption and retention. This compost blend also helps reduce runoff and captures rainwater, promoting a more sustainable approach to gardening.

Free from undesirables

Our compost blend is carefully formulated to be free from weed seeds, pesticides, and herbicides.

Compost helps improve soil structure and aeration.

Ripe Tomato small 5390Compost enhances soil structure by creating air pockets and improving water retention. This helps plants develop strong root systems.

Compost applications

    • (1) Vegetable Gardens

Vegetable gardens require nutrient-rich soil to produce bountiful harvests. Our compost is ideal for vegetable gardens, providing essential nutrients to ensure the healthy growth and development of vegetable plants. Use our compost blend as a topdressing, or blend it with the existing soil to enhance fertility and improve soil structure.

  • (1a) Growing tomatoes – add compost

If you are a gardener dreaming of big tomatoes and big tomato plants, get a greenhouse and feed the plants hydroponically. You could have plants that are over 8 feet tall, producing a lot of tomatoes daily. If you do not have a greenhouse with a hydroponic system (who does?), enrich your soil with compost or Super Soil. This will give you nutrients and moisture retention for the plants and you will have great tomatoes or whatever other crop you are growing. Plant growth is limited, based on the lowest available input. That is why hydroponics works so well - the growth inputs are maximized. Did you get your compost this year? Call the Dirt Guy or order online today!

For vibrant and long-lasting blooms, your flower beds need to be enriched with organic matter. Our compost is perfect for flower beds, contributing to the richness of the soil and promoting the growth of strong roots. Apply our compost blend as a mulch to retain moisture, suppress weeds, and regulate soil temperature.

  • (3) Tree Planting and Transplanting

When planting or transplanting trees, it's important to create a supportive environment for the roots to establish. Our compost is an excellent choice for tree planting, enhancing root development and water penetration. When planting trees and shrubs, blend 25 to 30 percent of our compost with the native soil. Dig a hole that is the same depth as the root ball and two to three times as wide. Blend our compost mix with soil to provide trees with the essential nutrients they need to thrive. Place the plant in the planting hole, firmly backfill with the blended soil, and water thoroughly.

  • (4)Building and Replenishing Planting Beds

Pink Dahlia small 8731Pink DahliaWhen building new planting beds, blend our compost with native soil to create a nutrient-rich environment for your plants. We recommend using a permeable weed barrier between the existing soil and compost to keep weeds under control.

  • (5) Potting and Repotting

For potting and repotting, blend a maximum of 25 percent of our compost into the soil. Ensure the blend is homogeneous and evenly distributed. Adjust watering schedules for newly potted plants, as compost holds more water than other mixes.

Using Compost for Landscaping - Some Practical Tips for Success

To replenish existing planting beds, apply a layer of our compost and gently mix it into the topsoil. Replenishing with small amounts of compost on a yearly basis is an excellent practice for maintaining soil health. The worms will love it and as the burrow through the soil, they help mix it into the soil profile and open the soil with their burrows.

Applying compost for seeding and sodding

Apply 1/8- to 1-2 inch of organic leaf compost to the area you plan to seed or sod. Water thoroughly, and for optimal results, core aerate the area to be amended with compost. The second option is to spread the grass seed first then use the compost as a seed bed to help keep the grass seed wet while it soaks up the water, swells and germinates.

Additional applications for our compost that delivers multiple benefits:

lettuce small 1882LettuceIt is nutrient-rich, providing the essential nutrients your plants and vegetables need to thrive without competing for nutrients. Specific grow-enhancing components are essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to the plants, promoting healthy growth and development.

Better root development: When planting trees and shrubs, compost ensures optimal root development and water penetration.

Ideal for new construction: Compost is the perfect choice for topping off foundation backfill, creating a healthy base for new plants and landscaping to flourish.

Organic and sustainable: Our compost is an environmentally friendly option that supports organic gardening and sustainability.

Pest Control: Lawn and garden compost can help suppress plant diseases and pests, reducing the need for chemical pesticides.

Environmentally friendly: Using our compost reduces the need for synthetic fertilizers and reduces landfill waste. Made from decomposed leaves and grass, lawn and garden compost is a natural and renewable resource that promotes sustainable gardening practices.

Supporting Biodiversity and Soil Health

Our compost enhances the biodiversity of your garden by promoting the growth of beneficial microorganisms. These microorganisms play a vital role in maintaining soil health, breaking down organic matter, and facilitating nutrient cycling.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

By using compost, you help to reduce your carbon footprint. Composting organic materials helps to sequester carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, making it a climate-friendly choice for your garden. Remember the old days when people would rake leaves into a pile and burn them in the Fall?

Organic and Sustainable: Committed to the Environment

400 Compost P3100002 CopyStock Pile of Screened CompostScreening Compost For consistent QualityLocal Sourcing: When you buy lawn and garden compost, choose a local supplier to reduce transport costs and support your community.

At the core of our values lies a commitment to environmental sustainability. We believe that healthy soil is the foundation of a thriving ecosystem, and our compost reflects this ethos. By using organic materials and employing responsible composting practices, we create a product that benefits both your garden and the planet.

Don't forget mulching! Mulching is a crucial step to conserve moisture, suppress weeds, and regulate soil temperature. After applying our compost, you may want to also consider our double-ground wood mulch (link) to keep your landscape looking fresh and healthy.

For customers that want a mixture of screened topsoil and our compost, we sell a product we call Super Soil. https://www.dirtguytopsoil.com/Top-Soil/Super-Soil.html. It is a mixture of 50 percent compost and 50 percent screened topsoil. This provides a real rich soil to boost along whatever it is that you grow in it.

Experience the Difference: Compost for a Thriving Garden

Elevate your landscaping projects to new heights with our compost or Super Soil. Experience the difference that nutrient-rich, organically-sourced compost can make in your garden's vitality and resilience. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a landscaping novice, our compost will be a valuable asset for any project, providing the nourishment and support your plants need to flourish.

So go ahead, give your landscape the love and care it deserves with our natural soil amendment. Your plants will thrive, your garden will flourish, and you'll be the envy of your neighborhood. Let's get growing together! Enjoy the rewards of a vibrant, thriving landscape. Call us now or order online for bulk compost delivery.The Dirt Guys phone number is 860-303-0500

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