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Landscape Mulch

We sell double-ground landscape mulch that is shredded to help it stay in place. Plain wood chips tend to float away if water washes over them. The way our mulch is ground helps the pieces to knit together so they will stay in place a little better.

We produce only native hardwood mulch for the landscaping and nursery industries. Our landscaping mulch is a hardwood/softwood blend, the by-product of local tree clearing and tree removal. The net result is a recycled product that decorates the yard and prevents weeds. Our landscaping mulch contains no stump grindings or demolition material, pallets or other fillers, and it is a quality product shredded to a mix of various sizes and ready to use.

Pictures of our mulch

It is hard to show a product's color online so we certainly invite our customers to come in and take a look at the specific product you are interested in. Currently, we stock our double-ground mulch in the following colors:

  • Brown Mulch
  • Black Mulch
  • Eco-Mulch (no colorant added)

We are happy to deliver our mulch to your home and dump it close to where you want it. We work to accommodate your needs and reduce how far the mulch has to be moved on your property, but we still face the laws of physics. If the yard is muddy and the truck is heavy, we will not go into questionable areas. Split loads are also not really easily done. When the load starts to slide out of the body, it is not really possible to put half in one place and half in another. We will give it a shot if it seems possible. As long as you understand, we will do our best. Remember, you may pick up any quantity of mulch. The equipment we have to load with is matched to what size vehicle that needs to be loaded. We have small skidsteer loaders for pick-up trucks and up to a 3-yard loader if you need large quantities of mulch loaded into a large dump truck. Call to set up a time to pick up material or to schedule a delivery Call The Dirt Guy at 860-303-0500.

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