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P3100002 loam pile smallLoam

Our stock pile of loam at the dirt guy yard

Loam is a classification of soil based on it's texture. Pictured above is a pile of screened loam. It is hard to see the texture of the material but it is a friable sandy loam with a high organic content. It is excellent for your landscaping needs such as top dressing for turfgrass establishmnet of improving the planting soil for your tree plantings.

Our screened loam has rocks removed that are larger than 5/8" minus and has passed through a harp type screen to help fluff up the soil and prevent any naturaly occuring clumps. This makes ie easier to rake out and spread. For a better description of the component classification of loam please go to the page on soil types.

We invite you to come to the yard and see the screened loam that we produce in the stock pile to confirm that it will meet your needs.

For any questions please contact us or call 860-303-0500 for screened loam delivery options.