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Topsoil Delivery Price By Zip Code

The Dirt Guy wants it to be easy to get quality screened topsoil delivered to you. We strive to be the friendliest topsoil company in the state of Connecticut. Contact us to see or call 860-303-0500.

Included on this site is our topsoil calculator. With it, you can figure out how much topsoil you need based on the dimensions of the area to be covered and the depth desired. The calculator will calculate the amount of loam required. Then, you add the truck load cost listed by zip code below.

Our basic delivery zones are broken down into two groups based on distance and time from our location. One group is $65.00 for up to 8 yards of product per delivery and the second is $120.00.

Topsoil delivery to you at $65.00 per load.

Topsoil delivery to you at $120.00 per load.